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Help Us Give Back

For Every $2 Donated, YNG will add an additional $1 towards our Face Mask Fund.

Masks for Those in Need:

This fund will be used to provide Face Masks for volunteers and employees of Non-Profit Organizations and individuals who cannot afford their own face masks. For every $20 received in donations, YNG will donate an additional $10 - covering the additional cost of each mask - totaling $30 for each mask, and ship the mask to where it is needed in the United States.


Surgical Mask Straps for Healthcare Professionals:

This fund will also go towards providing Surgical Mask Straps for Medical Professionals...a simple, but effective, solution for our Healthcare Providers who are wearing surgical masks 24/7 and fighting fatique and breakdown behind their ears. Surgical Mask Straps will be donated in bulk to medical organizations and facilities. At this time, we anticipate limiting each facility to a quantity of 50 to reach the greatest number possible. 

These mask straps are ***NOT*** available for purchase, but you may find the file to print on your own 3D printer and contribute in that way, as well:

We have partnered with the engineering department at our local middle and high schools, and with other local hobbyist 3D printers, to increase our impact so that we may print and donate as many mask straps as possible and reach as many healthcare professionals as we can. 


Thank you for helping us give back to the Helpers and those in need.

Please visit our Facebook page if you know of any organizations that may be in need.