Cookie Cutter Bundle Monthly Subscription 3D Printed Made in USA

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Cookie Cutter Bundle Monthly Subscription 3D Printed Made in USA

Cookie cutters are printed in PLA - a biodegradable plastic.

Size: Sizes will vary for each cookie cutter.  Each cookie cutter is 5/8" deep.

 You will receive a surprise assortment of 10 to 15 cookie cutters every month - but you will get an sneak peek email before they arrive!

Your first shipment will include BOTH:

*That month's subscription bundle


*Our Fancy Number Kit!

Choose between two subscription options:

  • Seasonal and Everyday Cookie Cutters
  • New, Popular, and Hot Cookie Cutters

*Your payment will process automatically on approximately the 20th of each month, with your subscription mailed on the first Monday of the following month.*


Your subscription is for a minimum of 3 months.
You will automatically be charged for your first month when you sign up online, and we will contact you to arrange recurring payment options. If we cannot make contact to arrange the recurring payment, your order will be canceled.
You may cancel your subscription at any time after 3 months by contacting us via phone by : 219.866.4357 .

When using these cookie cutters, it works best rinsed off with water and towel dried then put in flour before pressing into cookie dough.

Note: Not dishwasher-safe! Hand wash only. 


Shipping and Tracking

Orders will be sent via USPS. A tracking number will be provided. If you receive an item that has been damaged or is missing contents, or your item does not arrive, please contact us so we can notify the carrier to open a claim. Please keep all packaging, including packing materials, contents, invoices, and packing slips, as you may need these for the claims process.


No returns are accepted on subscription boxes.  Please contact us with questions or if you have any issues with your shipment.

Additionally, if you cancel your subscription and would like to rejoin at a later date, we welcome you back! However, you will not receive a second free set of fancy numbers upon signing up again.

Feedback and Reviews

We love and appreciate your reviews and feedback. Once receiving your item, please leave us a review! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly so we may work with you directly to answer your questions. Thank you for your business! - Y.N.G. LLC

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