We've turned the world of 3D printing upside down.

And then we automated it.

It's revolutionary.  It's gravity-defying.

We've literally turned these printers upside down, and then we've programmed them to run on their own.

Introducing to the world:

Sky-Net by Y.N.G. LLC

Patent Pending


These printers pull from a batch of files (g-codes) that are pre-loaded into a repository, and our programmers have coded the printers to pull the files by color and in order of priority...order fulfillment receives first priority, followed by inventory par counts to keep stock of our biggest sellers.

If you'd like to have your own set of Sky-Net printers, you're in luck. We would be happy to create these printers for you, too.  Available for purchase in sets of 10, each printer costs $2799.99.  You may also add-on the white glove treatment for $299 for each printer, and one of our specialists/programmers will come to you, set up each of your printers, and direct you through the process for an entire day.

Welcome to the world of Sky-Net.


Please contact us for more information.