Introducting Laser Cutting and Engraving at Y.N.G. LLC.

We have two types of lasers - fiber marking and CO2 cutting lasers. Each type of laser machine have their own specialties...allowing us an entire new world of possibilities for you.

We are able to engrave on metal, wood, acrylic, plastic, and more. Personalize your tool set permanently, customize promotional items for your business, create home decor and gifts, or even let us help you develop an entirely new inventory system with engraved barcodes and product numbers on your inventory.

Our cutting lasers are perfect for glass or glass composite products, wood, acrylic and more.

In fact, we're releasing an entire new product line of:


These stencils will be priced the same as our cookie cutters and available in all the same designs. Kits are also available if you would like both the cookie cutter and stencil.

Every custom laser project will be quoted individually to meet your needs.

Welcome to Y.N.G.'s new Laser Cutting and Engraving Department!


Please contact us for more information.