We are now manufacturing:

3D Printer Filament at Y.N.G. LLC.

While we have wanted to start manufacturing our own filament for a few years, our production needs over the past year have outgrown the available market for 3D printer filament. So we jumped in, as always, head first and have started manufacturing our own PLA 3D Printer Filament!


We are producing our filament from pure PLA pellets. Our filament is free of any additional fillers, providing us with the both the knowledge and peace of mind that everything involved in our 3D printing process, from beginning to end, not only meets but exceeds all safety standards.


The PLA pellets are poured into a hopper, melted, and then pushed through an extruder. The entire process is carefully monitored and finely tuned. The correct diameter is achieved as the filament is cooled over two fans and stretched as it is wound onto the spool.


We are currently producing 12 different colors of filament: black, white, brown, gray, gold, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink - all in 1.75mm diameter. Currently we are manufacturing this filament to meet our own production needs, but we look forward to adding 3D printer filament as a new product line in the coming months.


Please contact us for more information.